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in Number,
Data, and Space



  Superintendent Presents Message on the PWCS Balanced Approach to Mathematics  (March 7, 2008)
   Superintendent of Schools Dr. Steven L. Walts spoke at a School Board meeting on March 5 to outline his message of the balanced approach to
   teaching mathematics, including the use of the “Math Investigations” textbook series, for Prince William County Public Schools.
In his message, the   
  Superintendent stated the School Division has a math curriculum that sets out what children should know and be able to do at every grade level. That curriculum,
  which is aligned with the Virginia Standards of Learning, has not changed.

Inside Education
Special Edition-Math Investigations (3/08)
This special edition of Inside Education is hosted by Director of Communications Ken Blackstone and provides parents and community members a closer look at the newly implemented Math Investigations program in PWCS. Supervisor of Mathematics Carol Knight provides background information on the adoption of the textbook "Investigations in Number, Data, and Space" used to teach the PWCS Elementary math curriculum and shares resources for parents to help them effectively work with their students on Investigations assignments at home. 3rd Grade Lake Ridge Elementary Teacher Laura Oyhenart demonstrates Investigations lessons in her classroom. Viewers will also be taken inside a Math Investigations Parent Night, an event held at every elementary school to help parents better understand the Math Investigations program.
Episode 1 (9/07)
Dr. Steven L. Walts discusses the county’s Math Investigations program. These materials provide  the skills students need for success on Standards of Learning tests and other standardized tests; promotes logical thinking that can be applied in a variety of other disciplines; and provides a stronger foundation for advanced math study. Darlington and Walts will also look at initiatives to raise SAT scores, review the Division’s updated school safety measures, and share how full-day kindergarten is building a brighter future for PWCS’ youngest students.

Math Investigations in the Classroom

School Focus: The Blended Approach to Mathematics

Math Investigations in Action

Math Investigations Lesson in Chuck Aracich's 3rd Grade at
Cedar Point Elementary


Parents, Teachers, and Administrators Speak to the School Board in Support of Investigations

Math Teacher, John Habert
Parent of three PWCS students,
Bridget Outlaw 
Parent and High School Math Teacher,
Laura Tillman
Occoquan Elementary Principal,
Todd Erikson
Parent  & Math Resource Teacher, Occoquan Elementary,
Joy Marcell
Parent & Occoquan Elementary Teacher,
Cindy Rottman
Parent  & Secondary Math Coordinator,
Kat Meints
Parkside Middle Principal,
Rita Goss
Remarks From Dr. Walts and Supervisor of Mathematics, Carol Knight (12/19/07) Rosa Parks Elementary Principal,
Jarcelynn Hart
Rosa Parks Teacher,
Marcie Abel 
 Rosa Parks Teacher,
Kelly Pratte
Neabsco Elementary Principal, 
Linda Trexler 

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