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     Challenge 24
Mathematics Program

The Prince William County Office of Mathematics sponsors the 24 Challenge® tournament for all Prince William County Schools each year. The tournament provides students with opportunities to practice and to build a foundation of computational fluency in an engaging and fun way.

Celebrating a decade of mathematical fun, the Prince William County Public Schools (PWCS) Office of Mathematics hosted its 10th annual Prince William County
 Mathematics Challenge 24Tournament on April 10. More than 100 students from 18 different elementary and middle schools participated in this exciting tournament held at Godwin Middle School. 
Winners Announced

News Release

Students and parents gathered for
opening remarks.

What is the Game of 24?
Mathematics is the science and language of patterns. Students will look for patterns to make 24 using all mathematical operations appropriate to each grade level. The program has evolved as an effective means of reaching a broad spectrum of students within a community with the message that “Math is Fun. I can learn math.”

How do students learn about this game?
Students are introduced to the game in the beginning of the year, and then some cannot get enough of the game. Students in grades 3 through 9 not only practice basic mathematics facts in the areas of whole numbers, fractions, decimals, exponents, and algebra, they become adept at mental math, communicating mathematically, validating their thinking, and recognizing multiple ways to solve problems. The added benefit is that all this thinking and problem solving is disguised as a game, thereby helping to create a new generation of thinkers.

How to Play


Create the number 24 from the four numbers on a game card. You can add, subtract, multiply and divide. Use all four numbers but use each number only once.


Example: One solution to the card shown on the left is:

 2 x  4 =  8
 8 + 8 = 16
16 + 8 = 24


For more information about how to play the 24 Game, click here.

Structure of the Rounds of Play

  • Round One - Individual Classroom 24 Game Tournament
    Grades 3 – 9 students practice throughout the year and class teams are selected
  • Round Two - Grade Level Tournaments within a school
    Two students are selected from each grade level
  • Round Three - Division Level Tournament for each grade level

Easy Steps to participate in the PWCS Challenge 24 Division Wide Tournament

Tournament Schedule

Division Level Tournament Guidelines

For more information about the 24 Game, visit the Math 24 web site at http://www.math24.com


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